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We pledge to serve our clients with the utmost integrity. Our reputation is everything!

We will continue to invest in the latest technology to provide accurate sampling, lab analysis, reporting, and protocol. We want to solve the problem!

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A commitment to doing good!


Hello, my name is Jack M.  I am the inspector for IAQE. I have lived in Houston, Texas most of my life. I am familiar with the climate, and change evolved. Flooding and humidity created a breeding ground for Indoor Air Quality issues. The past 20 years my background in flooring, flood restoration, and remodeling industries. I have gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience with different materials, installations, and maintenance in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. One reason I got into the IAQ industry is that I saw a need to help people. Experience selling carpet I had several customers complain of suffering from allergies. Several years of research I put together equipment, and developed relationships aligned with accredited laboratories determining the cause of indoor allergens, pollutants, and contamination that can affect indoor ecology. I will investigate the issues, come up with a solution and provide the best service!

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