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Who is IAQ Environmental?

IAQ Environmental is an  indoor air specialist. We offer air quality testing Houston and surrounding areas.

First, there are few indoor air quality testing companies that can offer a total iaq inspection.  Secondly, we don’t only investigate Mold. Specifically down below are examples of what we investigate. 

  • VOC
  • Formaldehyde
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Pesticide
  • Smoke

Do Air Quality Testers Work?

Air quality testers in Houston are not all the same. Such as a Home Depot air quality test kit. An indoor air quality test kit is not accurate because there is no air quality monitor for the outside.

These kits are for solely for testing indoor mold which will show a positive mold report.

This should not be an alarming result since mold spores are naturally occuring and are everywhere floating around in air.

What Indoor Air Quality Equipment do we use?

We use professional indoor air quality mold testing equipment by way of 6 channel particle counter or by laboratory air o cell cassettes.

We sample outdoor air first, measure indoor air relative humidity with a barometer, carefully do a visual mold inspection inside, and sample indoor air for a necessary comparison.

Without an outdoor air sample mold testing is worthless.

We found mold now what?

If there is mold we can recommend a Houston mold remediation company .

What is a total indoor air quality inspection?

A total air quality inspection includes investigating for more harmful pollutants, and toxins such as gas, voc, biological, and specific particulates.

Air quality testing Houston air is tricky science due to its humid climate.

Who needs an Indoor Air Test?

People with allergies, or have compromised immune systems, or trouble breathing will greatly benefit by detailed reporting.

We will target a specific air quality test for our client’s needs.

For example a lot of home building materials contain formaldehyde. This irritant can cause a rash of health issues.

A formaldehyde test kit gives a false positive report if not properly administered.

Testing for formaldehyde is one of our specialties. Each test is documented by an in depth iaq analysis.   Our iaq testing  is administered by a trained indoor air quality inspector with reporting results within 2 to 3 business days.  An air quality inspection can take a up to a  few hours harvesting air samples. 

In Conclusion:

What does an indoor air quality test cost? 

This will depend on many variables for what is needed.  The indoor air quality testing cost will vary by location, and size of area. 

We do offer a free air quality testing, and home environmental testing for Houston and surrounding areas for residential and commercial by phone. 






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