Cheap Mold Testing Near Houston

There are mold testers for under $10.00 plus lab fee and shipping.  

In Houston, a lot of people want to know if there is mold in their home.  

Since Houston, TX has been involved in several significant weather events causing massive flooding.  

People relied on these tests to provide them with a report of positive mold results.  

There is a normal fungi ecosystem in every indoor home, office or building. 

A positive mold test provides no information.  

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Home Depot 



This is why cheap mold testing is a waste of money......

DIY Mold Testers catch whatever mold floats in the mold trap sampler. 

There is no comparison for the mold spores outdoors. 

The humid weather in Houston boosts mold counts outdoors as well as indoors. 

  • Worthless Data
  • No Outdoor Comparison
  • Unreliable Sampling
  • Misleading Test

Mold Testing Sampling By Air

In order to achieve a viable mold sample. Mold gets trapped into  a mold spore trap by way of air pump. 

The pump negatively draws 15 lpm of air into mold media. 

Each sample has glass slides that viable mold attaches itself to. The media is also preserved by seal, and has it’s own serial number.  

A chain of custody form is filled out by the mold technician, and taken immediately delivered to the fungi laboratory  here in Houston.  

No waiting for the mold to get contaminated on the way to the lab. 

  • Controlled 15 lpm 
  • Calibrated Equipment 
  • Outdoor Sample Taken
  • Reliable Mold Media
  • Accredited Texas Lab
  • 48 Hour Lab Report 
  • 24 Hour Expediting Available 

A controlled mold air pump for 15 lpm.

Mold is captured into a mini cassette called an Air o Cell. 

Several samples are taken. 

Usually 1 outdoor, and 2 indoors.  

Conclusion to Cheap Mold Testing In Houston


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