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1. The largest city in the state of Texas.

2. The City is nicknamed “H-Town” “The Space City” ” The Bayou City” or “Clutch City” to the sports fans. 

3. The city is known for the saying “Houston, We Have a Problem” Those famous words were communicated from space to the Space Center Houston.  Is home to N.A.S.A. Right off of NASA Parkway.  

5. Home of the Astrodome famously known for its enclosed dome sports arena. nicknamed the “eighth wonder of the world”

6. The NFL team the “Oilers” “Luv Ya Blue” fans were the most loyal fans in sports.  

7. True football fans hate the Dallas Cowboys. 

8. Houston was voted the 7th most diverse city in America

9. Everyone knows we have the “Best” BBQ in the world.  

10. Bum Phillips coach of the Oilers promised he was going to kick that S.O.B in. 

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