Environmental Organization 

IAQ Environmental is a dedicated environmental organization. We have a well-qualified and trained team that makes sure our clients live in a better environment to have a better tomorrow! IAQ Environmental organization offers the following beneficial services. 

Indoor Air Quality Testing 

Indoor Air Pollutant Investigation

Are you concerned about the quality of the air you breathe? Do you think there are pollutants in your surrounding that can harm your health? Indoor air quality testing can identify invisible or even odorless pollutants and help you to maintain healthy air. The air inside a home, office, or any other building can be tested to ensure your family, clients, colleagues, or employers breathe a safer air. 

The air in your surrounding can have many various pollutants. Pollutant-specific tests are used to identify them. Here are some types of indoor air pollutants that we can test include:

  • carbon dioxide
  • carbon monoxide 
  • formaldehyde
  • cigarette smoke
  • ozone
  • volatile organic compounds
  • biological contaminants  

Healthy air is crucial for a healthier life. We are specialized in indoor air quality testing and have years of experience. Our air quality experts make sure our clients enjoy improved comfort and cleaner air. We offer a thorough and unbiased report along with proper consultation. So get your air quality tested today, notice a significant improvement in your health and level of productivity.

Mold Inspection 

Home Mold Inspection

Mold inspection is a procedure involving the examination of a place to detect the presence of harmful mold. Mold spores are tiny thus invisible to the eye. Once they get favorable growth conditions, they start growing and flourishing within 48 hours. They can even grow to places that you cannot reach or are not visible, like a leaky pipe present inside a wall, beneath the moist tiles, etc. That is why a regular mold inspection is essential to make sure you are not breathing unhealthy mold spores. 

During the examination, an inspector will look for the areas or places at risk for mold. Even if you do not have mold at home, a timely mold inspection can prevent costly damage. Similarly, if mold is present, then locating it will help you prevent its spread. Staying in an environment having mold spores can make you feel sick. It can make your throat scratchy, cause headaches or allergies. It can even aggravate chronic conditions like asthma. 

Our mold inspectors help people create a safe, healthy, and mold-free environment. We use advanced techniques and equipment to do a complete inspection. Don’t neglect a mold issue as it may become a cause of costly damage tomorrow.

Mold Testing 

Mold Testing  Analysis


Mold testing is done to find which specific type of mold is growing in your surroundings. A proper mold remedy, mold testing is required so you can get rid of the mold as soon as possible. Mold samples from various sites are collected and then tested. 

If you have already got rid of the mold but are still unsure whether your home has mold or not, then you can go for a mold air test. Similarly, mild surface testing is done to identify mold present on a surface. Our experts use various techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to collect mold samples and pack them to prevent contamination. These samples are tested in the laboratories, and reports are sent back.
Clearing out mold becomes easier if you know the mold type growing inside your home or building. So reach out to us anytime if you need professional help!

Mold Remediation 

Protocol for Mold Remediation


Mold remediation is a treatment done to bring mold levels in your surroundings back to normal. Each damage done by mold is different and needs another treatment. However, the primary purpose of each treatment is always the same. 

Our skilled mold inspectors have the proper knowledge and know which mold remediation treatment is needed when and where. We write authentic mold remediation protocols with the best solutions you need to get rid of mold and never let it grow again.

We will identify the real cause of mold growth and let you know how to eliminate that cause. It could be a water leakage issue or any other source of moisture. After source identification, mold removal methods are suggested. In these methods, affected areas are cleaned, and non-affected regions are protected from mold exposure.

We will perform visibility tests to make sure no mold is left behind. If the material is damaged during this process, it will be replaced with a material that is not as attractive for the mold. Each mold case requires a different plan that must be followed as it is to make sure all mold has been treated well and there is close to no chance of its reappearance.

Mold Removal 

Mold Removal Protocol


Cleaning up mold is an essential step required to make sure it does not damage more items and is removed before it reaches the other areas. Many techniques, chemicals, and equipment are used during the process. A suitable mold remediation protocol ensures that mold does not start growing in new places during the mold removal process. 

During the mold removal process, any exposure to the mold can cause health issues. That is why careful steps are taken to keep the mold inspector and homeowners safe and protected. The affected site is cleaned and decontaminated to kill mold. In some instances, the affected area is removed and replaced with non-infected items. 

People can also do mold cleanup on their own. But taking professional help makes sure you do not only get rid of it but also take necessary steps to prevent its growth in the future. We have well-qualified and trained mold inspectors who can make your home mold-free. We only get satisfied when our clients become 100% satisfied. So, need a little help with the mold growing in your home? Call us right away!

Moisture Investigation  

Mold Prevention and Detection


We all have always heard “prevention is better than cure,” well, it suits every mold situation, so right. If you get rid of the site that is expected to cause mold growth, you will be able to save your home from future mold growth and predictable damage. Moisture is every mold’s favorite item. It will start growing in a moisture-rich area as soon as it lands on it.

Moisture investigation is a process that determines the cause of high moisture levels. You can remove that source and prevent mold growth. Roofs, pipes, drainage systems, kitchen sink, and similar places are checked thoroughly because these are the most common sites where mold grows. Tools like moisture meter or thermal cameras are used to detect the moisture level in hidden and visible places. If there is a high moisture level, then we will recommend a proper solution.

Our mold inspectors use premium tools to investigate moisture present at various sites. They first check the most common areas and then other places as well. After identifying the problem, they will inform you of the issue and help you tackle it well! 

COVID-19 Indoor Air Testing

Airborne Virus Analysis


Coronavirus has affected millions of people worldwide and caused numerous deaths. No one wants to get the virus or become its victim. That is why IAQ Environmental has introduced COVID-19 Air Testing to prevent the spread of a life-threatening virus; the coronavirus. 

Studies prove that it can stay in the air or even on various surfaces for long. The affected air or the body can become the cause of its spread. That is why monitoring its presence can help you stop its transfer from one person to the other. We take indoor air samples and even environmental swab samples from the floor, metal surface, etc., and then run RT-qPCR on them. This highly advanced technique can inform you of the presence or absence of the virus. 

We also take wastewater samples as they can also have the virus. So, this test can be beneficial in organizations, offices, or other places where several people visit every day. Call us today to get samples tested for the COVID-19.

LEED V4, V4.1 Assessment 

IAQ USGBC Indoor Air Assessment

Indoor Air Quality Equipment


LEED V4, and V4.1  testing is an advanced and valuable technique used to check if a building follows green building measures or not. It determines if your building is healthy enough to live or not. In LEED testing, the presence of harmful elements such as ozone, volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, etc., is detected in the air. 

Construction materials can emit these elements if certified material or techniques are not used. They are also present in many everyday items. If those items are used several times in a day, then harmful gases can build in your surroundings. Continuous exposure to these elements can cause health issues. That is why if you are a hair salon owner, have a retail building, or school, etc., then get the air quality checked regularly to make sure it is safe for the people. 

At IAQ Environment, we have well-trained and qualified indoor air quality specialists. We work hard and use the latest techniques to make sure people live in a safe and nontoxic environment. Contact us anytime to get the indoor air quality checked!

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