Home Inspection

If you are concerned about your new or the older home’s environmental safety, then a professional home inspector can help you find the hidden dangers at home. IAQ Environmental has the best solutions to deal with common environmental issues. Our home inspectors do a thorough and systematic examination of homes. During the home inspection, we offer the following services and many more!

Indoor Air Quality Inspection

Do you know every year, more than 4 million people die because of indoor air pollution globally? One of its reasons is that certain harmful chemicals are usually 4 to 5 times more indoors than the outdoor air. People neglect the importance of indoor air quality and later face its consequences.

IAQ Environmental

IAQ Environmental offers indoor air quality inspection of homes. During this inspection, we identify the presence of toxic and hazardous elements in the air. We look for their usual sources at home. These sources can be vacuum cleaners, ACs, refrigerators, construction materials, sprays, cleaning products, and other toxic materials. 

Our home inspectors test the air quality and identify the source of pollutants. They also offer suitable solutions to help you live in a cleaner and better environment. Worried about your indoor air quality? Give us a call for a detailed indoor air quality inspection today! 

Mold Inspection

Mold is found in every household. Some of its kinds are life-threatening, while others are harmless. But are you sure you do not have dangerous mold grown inside your home? Is your family breathing air that is free of mold spores?

Get a complete mold inspection of your home to ensure you do not face any health issues because of its invisible spores. Protect your homes from the costly damage!
During a home inspection, our specialists check the presence of mold in your home.

Mold can grow on visible as well as on invisible surfaces. So, we first visually examine every susceptible place and then use appropriate equipment to look for it at locations that are not easily reachable. We strive to help our clients live in a healthier and comfortable environment! 

Moisture Inspection 

Is there a moisture buildup issue in the walls of your home? Do you know a high level of moisture can damage your home in several ways? That is why, during our home inspections, we sincerely look at the places that can cause leakage.

A damaged pipe inside the wall, the area around AC, etc., are the familiar places that are usually high in moisture. If mold spores land on such sites, they start flourishing within a few hours. So, repairing the leakages is essential to ensure you do not get to deal with mold or fungus in the future.

When our home inspectors visit the home to examine it, they observe the areas you consider have a high moisture level. Then they use their own experience and knowledge to investigate sites that usually have high moisture. We use the latest equipment like moisture meter etc. during this examination. 

Lead Paint Inspection 

Using lead paints is now banned in the USA. But homes build before 1978 (the year lead paints were banned) can still have lead paints. Lead is a toxic element. Paint dust can quickly become a part of the air and home residents can inhale the poisonous elemental unknowingly. It can also get into the plumbing system, pipes, etc., and eventually into the water.

Drinking lead-containing water or inhaling lead through the air can cause lead poisoning. That is why we do lead paint inspection to make sure your home is free of this dangerous metal. Tools are used for their identification, or the samples are sent to the labs for testing. 

Asbestos Inspection 

Asbestos is a carcinogenic chemical. Using it in the home supplies is banned today. But a few decades back, it was used in many items like tiles, home insulation, wallboards, rooking materials, etc. Asbestos is not harmful if these items stay intact. But with time, as they deteriorate, asbestos fibers start accumulating in the environment.

Inhaling them can be very dangerous. That is why we do asbestos testing during a home inspection. 

We check the quality of materials used during home construction. And identify if there is any asbestos-containing item still present. If there is some, we recommend renovation or any other suitable treatment option. If you live in an older home, it is wiser to get it checked to detect asbestos presence! 

Radon Inspection 

Are you breathing radon-free safe air? Is your home old and has higher chances of having radon in the air? Get home inspection today to get the correct answers!
Radon is a carcinogenic gas that is produced due to the breakdown of some naturally occurring elements. It usually enters the homes through construction materials, underground water, soil, etc.

Having it in a low concentration in the air does not harm much. But if its amount accedes to the typical attention, then it can induce lung cancer.
In the USA, around 20,000 people die because of lung cancer caused by this gas.

So, our home inspectors use different tests to check if your indoor air has an abnormal amount of Asbestos or not. They suggest apposite treatments if the concentration is more than expected. 

Water Inspection 

Drinking impure water is the cause of millions of deaths globally. Is the water the drink free of pollutants and other contaminants? We can answer this question during your home inspection session.
Water can be the source of many hazardous and poisonous chemicals. 

You can even get disease-causing microbes through impure water. Diarrhea, cholera, and hepatitis are some of the common diseases caused by drinking contaminated water. Your home water can become contaminated due to many reasons such as lead paint, pesticides, insecticides, leakage of stored toxic chemicals, etc.

So, during a home inspection, we test water quality and check if it has any microbes or pollutants or not. If any dangerous chemical is detected, we start looking for its source. Our primary aim is the safety and health of our clients. With this aim in mind, we suggest the best possible treatment options you can use to have pure water at home. 

Hazardous Material Inspection 

Many homeowners like taking care of plants grown in the garden. For this purpose, they keep pesticides, insecticides, and other similar chemicals at home. Keeping them in tight containers is not dangerous. But if, due to one reason or another, you notice any spillage that is not taken care of immediately, then these toxic chemicals can become a part of your air, water, and soil quickly. 

These hazardous materials have a range of toxic elements. All elements can cause a health issue. So, they are not kept well, then you and your family can be in danger. But worry not, our home inspectors will take care of such chemicals properly. During a home inspection, they examine such materials thoroughly. They also check if there was any leakage or not. And if they find a leakage, they immediately advise the best treatment choices you can use to prevent them from contaminating air, water, etc. 

IAQ Environmental is determined to provide you with a safe environment and help you live a longer life. We have premium equipment and tools that we use to perform different tests during a home inspection. So, you can contact us anytime to get your home checked adequately! 

Other Safety Issues 

During our home inspection, we scan the home properly for common environmental issues. We use a standard operating procedure to check several home appliances such as AC, vacuum cleaner, refrigerator, pipes, etc. We also evaluate standard systems like a septic system, plumbing systems, and ventilation system. Other than these items, we make sure your home’s construction material is of high quality and does not contain toxic chemicals. 

A proper home inspection is essential for the safety of its residents. That is why we check every tiny detail so that there is nothing dangerous around us. Suppose we detect toxicity in the air, soil, water, construction material, etc. We recommend the best possible solution for each issue. Every problem requires a specific and proper solution. Therefore, we offer the best options. 

Your safety and satisfaction are our topmost priority. We keep our knowledge up-to-date, and our techniques advanced. If you are shifting to a new home and want to make sure it is entirely safe, get a home inspection today! A home inspection is equally beneficial if you live in an older home. So, make the right choice today and save yourself from health issues. Call IAQ Environmental to get your home inspected and examined systematically!

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