Moisture Investigation

House Maintenance Inspection


A detailed Moisture Investigation should be part of every homeowners preventative maintenance plan.  There are some construction types that are more susceptible to leaking, but poor workmanship and bad design can cause problems in any building type. Some common areas for concern include:

  • Monolithic cladding
  • Fiber cement sheeting (plastered over)
  • Inset second story decks that are above lower floor rooms
  • Lack of, or insufficient flashings over windows and doors
  • Roof with no eaves
  • Flat roof
  • Issues with slow leaking water and waste pipes
  • Wallpaper Installations 


If you have bought a new home or had one built for you by a reputable builder / company then there is a good chance you will have a warranty with the home and or workmanship. This could be 12 months to 10 years. Regardless of what the time frame is, we believe that a full moisture inspection report done prior to your building warranty is due to expire is a sensible thing. It could save you thousands in unforecasted repairs. Contact us for a free no obligation quote. 


It’s no secret that Houston homes are under insulated and have been for years. The government is doing a good job of rectifying this issue but how can you tell if your home has missing or damaged insulation? A thermal image report will be able to highlight missing or damaged insulation without putting holes in your walls or crawling around in your crawl space or attic, easily highlighting the areas that need to be addressed so you can get the maximum benefit from your chosen heat source ( see pictures below highlighting missing insulation )

This thermal image is the ceiling corner of a child’s bedroom taken at 6pm. The blue area is showing the missing insulation. This room will be hard to heat and keep warm as the heat will escape into the roof cavity.

In this case the room is warmer than the roof cavity allowing us to see the temperature of the roof cavity showing in blue, highlighting the missing insulation.

This image was taken at midday and is of a ceiling in a main living area in a 40 year old brick home. This time, the missing / damaged insulation is highlighted in pink-white as the sun has heated the tin roof warming the roof cavity. The missing / damaged insulation is allowing the roof heat to be seen against the cooler better insulated ceiling areas.

Don’t forget this will have a reverse effect once the sun sets and the roof cavity temperature drops, warm air from the heat pump will uneconomically disappear into the roof cavity.

The report below was ordered as a Moisture Invasion Test. The report also highlight areas of concern with its insulation. The home owners have economically addressed this problem and now enjoy a warmer home as a result.

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