Mold Inspection and Testing Houston

IAQ Environmental offers experienced certified mold inspectors to help you discover the scope of the problem. Our inspectors use cameras, moisture meters, thermal imaging and other equipment when diagnosing the mold condition. If visible mold and airborne spores are found during the mold inspection, sampling may be necessary. Visible mold is swabbed and then sealed, whereas, for an air test, a testing cartridge is hooked up to a pump and then ran for a set time; both types of tests are shipped to a 3rd party lab for analysis.

After our thorough investigation into your home, the inspector will help you determine whether professional mold remediation is necessary.

Certified Mold Inspection experts

Suppose you suspect that you have mold present within your home. In that case, it is vital that you have a professionally certified mold inspector examine to make sure you don’t have a situation on your hands, as many types of mold are hazardous and can cause various health problems. All our inspectors are licensed by the state of Texas. 

A mold inspector cannot tell from mold what type of mold is present, nor if it is toxic. For this, mold testing is required to determine what kind of mold is present in your household, whether it is active growth or harmful. It is essential to know what type of mold is growing in your house, as many types of mold are toxic and can be hazardous to you and your family’s health.

Independent 3rd party Mold Testing

Air Sampling is the only way to determine if mold spores are airborne within your home. The sampling will determine the levels of mold spores in your house, a breakdown of what type of spores they are, and some health ramifications of being exposed to that type of spore. If you have toxic mold airborne in your house, immediate mold removal is required, as well as a quick consultation with a health professional.

Even though sampling is essential, not necessarily required in all situations. We at Above and Beyond are not here to provide unnecessary service, only to evaluate your problem and help you reach a solution.

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