Thermal Imaging

What is Thermography?


Thermography is an amazing technology that actually allows us to see thermal energy or heat. The term thermography can be translated to “writing with heat”, such as photography means “writing with light. The science of obtaining and analyzing this thermal data is performed with IR cameras. Images produced by these IR cameras are called thermograms or thermal images.

This technology has been used with outstanding success by the military and similar high end organizations for decades, but only recently has the use off IR thermal imaging been more widely recognized as a major tool in protecting and understanding your most important asset. Supplying home owners with reports to:

Identify moisture sources and moisture levels throughout the building.
Find structural problems and abnormalities.
Locate heating & cooling losses with pinpoint accuracy.

Along with being fast, accurate and safe, this technology is non-contact and non-destructive to your home. Once you have a report produced for your property you can then provide to builders or contractors of your own choice highlighting clearly areas for repair. Or provide to a prospective home buyer a detailed report giving them the confidence to make the purchase.

Our goal with a IAQ Environmental report is to provide you with vital tool that can, help you make better informed decisions, and add years to the life of your home, and save you money.

The applications for thermography today are virtually endless…..

How does an infrared camera work?

An infrared camera is a non-contact device that detects infrared energy (heat) and converts it into an electronic signal, which is then processed to produce a thermal image on a video monitor and perform temperature calculations.

Heat sensed by an infrared camera can be very precisely quantified, or measured, allowing you to not only monitor thermal performance, but also identify and evaluate the relative severity of heat-related problems.

How Is It Useful To Me?



Thermography is able to supply building owners with razor sharp images regarding:

•    Identifying excessive moisture intrusion throughout the building.

•    Detecting temperature variations or anomalies.

•    Locating heating and cooling losses with pinpoint accuracy.

•    Recognising areas of missing or displaced insulation.


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