Environmental Consultant 

IAQ Environmental has a qualified team, premium equipment, and great relationships to solve everyday environmental issues. We address environmental safety problems and offer suitable plans and guidance to our clients belonging to different sectors.
We make sure our clients do not face environmental management issues and live in a healthy atmosphere. We offer different services as environmental consultants. The most prominent services are described below. 

Air Quality Assessment 

The quality of the air we breathe must be pure to make sure we live a healthy and improved life. During air quality assessment, we check the quality of air in your building. We identify toxic gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, ozone, etc. 

There are different business plans in which the air quality is sometimes neglected. If your business plan is also neglecting air quality, you are putting your workers in danger and the general public. You may also face a legislative issue if you do not control the air quality soon. 

IAQ Environmental is specialized in inspecting air quality. We assess the air quality in your building and analyze your business plan to see if it is following the right air quality protocol. We recommend suitable solutions if we find trouble with your air quality management plans. 

Water Quality Assessment 

Water is another element that needs to be pure or free of contaminants so that we can live a healthy life. Water quality assessment is required to make sure water does not have disease-causing microbes, pollutants, or any other toxic chemicals. 

During this assessment, water samples from different locations of your building are taken. These samples are sent to the labs where they are tested. Tests reports have a list of identified microbes or pollutants. If you are using chemicals that are causing water contamination or if there is any other reason for this contamination, then we will recommend a suitable plan to resolve this issue.
We will not only identify the cause of water pollution but will also tell you how you can reduce it in the future. Our staff is very knowledgeable and has years of experience in dealing with different environmental issues. We use this experience and our expertise to check water quality and improve it in the future.

Property Assessment for Contaminants 

If you are planning to buy a commercial property to use for your business, then it is essential that you first have its assessment for contaminants. It is essential as it will save you from legal issues as well as health issues. Commercial places can have many dangerous and toxic elements that are neither visible nor have any smell. So, you cannot detect their presence with your eyes or nose. You will need professional help to learn if the property is safe or not. And if it is not safe, what you can do to improve its safety. 

IAQ Environmental has qualified consultants who have up-to-date knowledge. We use our knowledge to identify the presence of contaminants in the property. First, we do a visual examination. Then we use different tools to identify the presence of contaminants. Later, we will take samples of soil, water, and even air to check if they are contaminated or not.
A proper solution or treatment plan will be recommended based on the type of contaminant present in the sample. We will also tell you how you can keep the concentration of the contaminants low in the future.

Assessment of Biological as well as Chemical Hazards 

Biological hazards (like bacteria, fungus, viruses, insects, herbs, etc.) and chemical hazards (like ozone, radon, lead, etc.) must be dealt with on time so that you can prevent costly as well as life-threatening damage.
Commercial and industrial places are usually high in hazardous chemicals. Their business plans include the use of chemicals that produce dangerous elements as by-products. If your workers stay in the presence of dangerous gases for long, they can have gas poisoning or can even face death. It can also put the general public at risk. 

That is why environmental consultation is essential to make sure your business plan follows proper guidelines and legal rules. It is not producing elements that can put lives in danger. Our environmental consultant identifies such chemicals, their sources and then suggests the appropriate solutions to reduce their concentrations. 

Analyze Environmental Impact 

A new technique, chemicals, or any industrial process can have a beneficial as well as an adverse impact on the environment. If you are planning to introduce a new technique and do not know if it can have damaging effects on not then it is better to have an environmental consultant. 

IAQ Environmental guides its clients on which method is suitable, and which is not. If there is a technique that you are using but is producing toxic chemicals, we will first identify toxins and later their types. Based on toxin and the fact of how severe it is, we will give you a better plan and solution to resolve the issue. We design these plans by keeping in mind your business needs and requirements. We make sure our clients and their budgets, both, stay satisfied. 

Identify Previous Actions and Recommend Suitable Treatments 

Before proposing a suitable plan or idea, we first evaluate your previous business activities. We do not follow a strict procedure for every business model. Instead, we change our plans according to the requirements of an individual business. 

We ask our clients different questions to identify what they have done at the commercial or industrial place before and what has caused an increase in contaminates. After getting their answers, we analyze the whole situation. Check the facts and then create a plan that is suitable to their business model.
Offer Remediation Solutions  

IAQ Environmental does not only work to identify the problems, but we also have enough knowledge to offer solutions and remediation. If you are having a mold issue and it has damaged a large area in your property, then we provide suitable treatments and techniques that you can use to get rid of it.
Similarly, if there is contamination in the water, we will provide you with the techniques you can use to reduce toxins’ concentration from the water. Our remediation plans are also safe and workable. We use methods and tools that are advanced and produce the best results. Each environmental problem requires a different remediation solution. We recommend these solutions after analyzing the problem deeply!

Offer Sustainability Solutions

Sustainability is fundamental to make sure you do not face the same issues again. Many consultants focus on removing the problem, but they forget that the same problem can arise again. And if it occurs again, it may cause you more damage, physically as well as financially. 

Our consultants offer environmental management plans that remove the problem and do not let it develop again in the future. For instance, if the mold is removed once, but the leakage that caused this mold growth is not repaired, then it can grow again in no time. So, eliminating mold and eliminating its cause is very important to maintain the environment’s safety and protection.

Our solutions are designed based on individual issues. That is why they work most of the time. We make sure our clients have a satisfactory experience and do not face any problems in the future.

Provide Safety Guidance 

Safety guidance keeps you safe and makes sure your business does not face any critical issues. If your business is following legal safety guidelines, you will not have trouble running your business. On the other hand, if your business is not following these guidelines, you will have a legal issue and a safety issue.
So, we keep our knowledge up-to-date and make sure we know what the new laws are. Based on our knowledge and regulations, we provide our clients with the proper safety guidelines. 

Provide Plans to Manage Risks 

Commercial and industrial properties can face many risks if they do not follow proper safety protocols. Using banned chemicals, prohibited techniques, and similar things can put your business and your workers in danger. We analyze your business plans and identify if you are using any risky elements or not.
If your business plan includes dangerous chemicals, then we create programs that help you guide how you can use them without getting harm. We use industry-standard protocols and offer the best possible solutions. 

IAQ Environmental aims to keep the environment safe and healthy. Contact us today (713) 931-8378  if you need any environmental consultation!

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