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Tobacco Smoke



Health risks of tobacco smoke have been well documented. They are known to be far greater than any other indoor pollutant. Non-smokers inhale secondhand tobacco smoke when other people smoke in the same area. The consequences of secondhand smoke are as deadly as in smokers. Children should be specially protected from secondhand smoke. Tobacco smoke contains numerous toxic and carcinogenic chemicals and can cause acute and chronic effects on the respiratory system. Medical research has also linked tobacco smoke to heart disease and stroke. Tobacco smoke is also a known irritant. Do not allow smoking at home and use air purifiers with special filters to get rid of smoke odors.


Look for air purifiers that are rated by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers for removal of tobacco smoke particles.  Check the CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) for tobacco smoke, which will specify the amount of air filtered by a particular air purifier.  Air purifiers with higher CADR ratings will filter out the air faster.  Air Purifiers from IQAirAustin Air, and Honeywell include CADR ratings for tobacco smoke.

Cigarette Smoke is a leading cause of poor indoor air quality. It is a major source of air borne particles in homes. These particles cause damage to lungs, and cardiovascular problems. 

IAQ Environmental provides testing for cigarette smoke particles. Testing  for smoke free homes. 

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